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5 Easiest Ways to Stay Connected to Friends While Working Overseas

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To travel overseas is one of the most fascinating things you can ever experience, but there is no doubt about it that the longer your absence get, the more difficult it becomes to stay connected with friends.

Interestingly, there are numerous ways to stay connected with loved ones, all thanks to the amazing digital world we are now unlike the analog world of 70s. Social media and internet humanize us by alleviating the logistical part of distance and that makes the most sense of the today’s world.

  1. The Use of Skype

Of course, Skype is one of the wonderful communication tools you can ever think of, the features are so cool and effective. However, due to the government censorship or sometimes the communication companies’ restrictions, features like Skype call is often affected and becomes jumbled up but you can guarantee a smooth Skype connection with VPN.

  1. Creating a Mailing List

Creating a mailing list is just another superb way of staying connected to friends while working overseas. All you need to do is to create a contact list which makes you guys connected through email.

Instead of having to read through all those jargons on you spam virtually every week, you can always use something like that to your advantage by sending a mass message on a weekly basis or better still monthly basis to your loved ones and trust me, you will be amazed with the way it will turn out interesting later. Seems like you don’t know how? This short video will enlighten you on how to go about it.

  1. The Use of Communication Apps

Apps like Google Hangout are remarkable examples that offers you such a great experience with your friends while working overseas. The app is so cool in that, you can send your text so conveniently to the person on the other end of the line when using android to android device or iphone to android device.

This usage of this app is so straight forward, all you need do is downloading the Google Hangouts, sign in with your Google account details after which you can easily message your friends using the app. Hangout calls is another features of this app which makes it a worthwhile app too when talking about social media network today.

  1. Through Online Games

Everyone knows games are quite effective in connecting groups of people together within a second not just in a locality but interestingly, globally now. We are now living in the amazing moment in time.

Many of these apps and games designers have noted this and consequently capitalized on this potentials by adding instant chat features to many of the famous games. You can easily catch up during the game. There are many of these, ranging from live video games to ones that require you to take turn.

  1. Through Videos

Communicating through videos to many folks is not good of a deal but when the distance is just there, sometimes it is a good alternative compared to live calls. This call can easily be done through sharing videos through Dropbox and you can as well try posting a USB stick by taking turns. Guess what? It is not difficult as you think; just follow these ways to achieving it.