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A Brief Review of the Honda Ps125


Honda is world-renowned for its motorcycles and cars. And it has been recently making inroads into the scooter segment as well. Most people know that Honda would never make its vehicle public without having invested less than a 100 percent into it. And the Honda PS125 lives up to that reputation. The scooter is extremely comfortable to ride on – something which no other Honda PS125 review would deny. And the credit to the cushiness shall go to the scooter’s fairly wide seat. Moreover, it’s positioned in a way to give the rider a commanding seating stance. The seating makes its presence felt during traffic. Also, the scooter can be easily mounted. The suspension is great too. A Honda bike is usually expected to fare well in the build, comfort, and reliability department and the PS125 doesn’t disappoint a bit.

The abbreviation PS expands as Perfect Scooter. The bike has a 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine and has fuel injection technology too. The 125cc engine is powerful enough to move at 65 mph, but the bike operates optimally at speeds close to the 50mph number. The scooter has fairly good pickup, quite impressive for a bike in its category, and it handles well too. It enjoys an 11-1 comp ratio, with the max torque being 11.5 Nm/7000 min-1. The seat is not just spacious to ride but also offers generous storage space. Most riders can fit their gloves, helmet, and also a few handy tools below the seat. Also, most people get a hefty 100 mph average for every tank of gas.

Like always, Honda has done it again. The scooter is attractive and sleek. In fact, the bike looks and feels much more premium than what its cost would suggest. The bike is fairly lightweight and, as a result, is easy to maneuver in heavy traffic conditions. Most people who have come to know the bike – especially the braking technology that’s usually found in more premium bikes – are finding it hard to digest the scooter’s surprisingly low asking price. By the way, if you’d like to learn more about Honda PS125, head to