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Review of the Honda Supersport

A motorbike is a great choice for anyone wanting reliable and affordable transportation, as this review of the Honda Supersport will indicate. If you are a rider looking to get great fuel economy, great value for money and a durable design that ensures you can enjoy your bike for many years, look no further. And the unisex design makes it suitable for men and women.


  • Fuel economy- 90 mpg
  • Range — 260 miles
  • Top speed — 80km/hr
  • Power — 13bhp
  • Capacity – 125cc

Overall Design and Mileage

Even challenging turns and maneuvers are easy with the bike’s user friendly unisex design. The bike is ideal for riding along at a modest pace for a casual outing, or if you are trying to get to work, riding quickly through traffic. And if you are taking a longer trip, you are guaranteed a comfortable ride thanks to the non adjustable suspension.

Performance and Fuel Efficiency

Whether you use the Supersport for occasional trips or you commute to and from work every day, the great fuel economy and the power of the bike make it the ideal choice. It’s a great bike for a beginner, as the 125cc single cylinder engine allows you to get about at a reasonable speed, but your chances of being in an accident are slim as the bike won’t allow you to ride at too high a speed.


Keeping your Supersport in perfect condition is a must, and visiting a certified and reliable mechanic can ensure years of riding. However, the bike’s metallic body and its overall durability mean that you won’t be visiting your mechanic as often as you think.


Expect your local dealer to sell this budget friendly bike at a competitive price. And of course, to get the best possible price, it’s worth shopping around at different dealerships.


* Long trips are comfortable and enjoyable
* Great fuel efficiency
* Unisex design and stylish look


* The fuel cap isn’t hinged

In Conclusion

The great features really stand out in any review of the Honda Supersport. If you are a rider looking for an affordable bike that will last you for as long as possible, this is one of the best bikes around. And whether you use the bike to go on that longer trip every so often, or are riding it to and from work every day, it’s the perfect choice, thanks to the great fuel efficiency and 80 km per hour top speed. Regular basic maintenance will help to keep it in great condition.