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What is an Auto Detailer?

Car detailing is the term used when you need intensive vehicle cleaning. Car detailers are the people who work at a mobile car detailing College Station shop. They are responsible for cleaning both the interior and exterior parts of a vehicle deeply. They also offer a variety of customized cleaning services for you automobile depending on your needs and requests. Its main difference from regular car washing is that they only wash the exterior and the surface for the latter mentioned. Knowing the primary difference between these two will give you a more unobstructed view of what an auto car detailer is. But for further understanding, let us dig deeper into everything we can find out and understand about mobile detailers.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Car Detailer?

As a car detailer, you are responsible for cleaning an entire vehicle from top to bottom. You need to clean thoroughly every part and corner of the automobile. Therefore, you expect that cleaning may not just take hours, but it could even take days depending on the cars’ condition when they brought it in. You also have to take into consideration the standards of your company as well as your clients’ requests for details. You need to learn how to operate steamers, hoses, buffers, vacuums and other standard equipment used in the shop so you can surely meet the requirements of your employer.

Part of your responsibilities is to make sure that you can maintain or even enhance the physical appearance of the cars tasked under you. Make sure to use proper cleaning agents for every type of car. Furthermore, you also need to use protective and restorative agents to ensure that the vehicle will look its best after.

Once you finish the cleaning, you also need to do a complete inspection of the car. Make sure that everything is perfect and that you fulfill special requests. Lastly, you need to accurately record the current condition of the automobile for future reference and record purposes. One minor responsibility for a car detailer is parking vehicles and delivering them to the owners when needed. At other times, they are also responsible for managing the supplies inventory and re-ordering supplies when they are low in number.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Car Detailer?

The essential requirement for one to become an auto detailer is High School Diploma. If it is not possible, then a valid Driver’s License is sufficiently provided that the applicant has a good driving record. One also need to attend automotive training programs especially when there is no prior car washing experience. As an individual, you should possess a physically fit body so you can quickly move around. The job entails long periods of standing, bending and even crouching. You also need to have excellent interpersonal skills so you can communicate properly and offer the best customer service to your clients. Furthermore, an auto detailer is someone who is willing to comply with company policies and uphold the standards of the company at all times. He has to ensure he can provide excellent service quality at all times and can adapt to different types of clients.