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What You Can Learn at Cbt Test Centres

Anyone in the UK aged 16 or over who wants to operate a motorcycle or moped on public roadways is required to complete compulsory basic training or CBT. This is a one-day course that’s intended to teach people the basics of riding motorcycles and mopeds. You don’t need to have any previous training in order to take the CBT course, but you must have a DL196 certificate to operate a motorcycle or moped on the road once you’ve obtained your provisional license. If a full moped license was obtained anytime after the first of December 1990 or if you obtained a full car driving license ahead of February 1st, 2001, the CBT will not be required due to the full category P entitlement.

Before signing up for a CBT course, you should make sure to have one of these three things: a provisional motorcycle license, a provisional moped license, or a full UK driver license with a category A or P entitlement.

Once you’ve obtained one of the licenses mentioned above, you should set up your CBT course at one of the numerous CBT test centres that are found throughout the UK. This course typically costs about £100 and you can find a comprehensive list of CBT test centres on various online platforms. Several well-known CBT test centres include United Motorcycle Training, CHOICE Driver and Rider Training, Keltic Horizon, and Kent and Sussex Rider Training.

A CBT course will have five basic elements. These include:
– The Introduction (30 to 45 minutes). The Introduction will cover the goals of compulsory basic training, a license inspection, and an eye exam.
– Practical On-Site Instruction (45 to 60 minutes). This teaches trainees all necessary equipment inspections for ensuring that mopeds and motorcycles are in good operating condition. Participants will learn how to properly wheel, stand and brake their bikes as well as how to stop and start their moped or motorcycle engines.
– Practical Riding On-Site (2 to 3 hours). Trainees will learn basic skills for riding their motorcycles or mopeds including the correct methods of braking, changing gears and parking their vehicles.
– Practical On The Road Training (45 to 60 minutes). This class instructs operators on safe driving techniques, correct positioning on the road, defensive driving, and additional topics relating to overall-safety while operating.
– Practical On The Road Riding (2 hours minimum). On-the-road driving led by an instructor. Instructor will assess maneuvering abilities and other basic skills that have been covered in prior CBT sections.

Even though compulsory basic training isn’t a test that you can pass or fail, it is still mandatory for acquiring a full motorcycle or moped license. This simple course teaches trainees a vast range of essential and invaluable skills.